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Information about the International Christopher Summer Festival 2005, Vilnius Lithuania:

For the eleventh summer Vilnius is hosting the Christopher arts feast, which fills the city with music and brings theatre and art performances to its streets.During the eleven years of its existence, hundreds of concerts featuring the most famous performers from Vilnius and elsewhere have been held. The festival has staged operas and oratorios organ, jazz and chamber music concerts. It has become a familiar and anticipated tradition of the city for thousands of music fans. By holding concerts at courtyards, squares and churches that have not hosted the arts before, the Christopher Summer Festival has opened up the architecture of the city to its guests.

The International Kristupas Summer Festival was awarded the 2004 Prize of Colleagues (initiated by the City of Vilnius Municipality)and acknowledged as the Best Musical Event of 2004, is entering into its eleventh summer. During the past decade hundreds of concerts featuring eminent performers from Vilnius, Lithuania, and abroad as well as different musical genres such as operas, oratorios, organ, jazz and chamber music took place; still, the festival continues to make further advances, to create new and original programmes, and to enjoy the attention of music lovers , both local and foreign. The focus of the International Kristupas Summer Festival, that is, the traditional cycles of ‘Kristupas Keyboard‘(artistic director-P. Geniu_as), ‘ Kristupas Guitar‘ (artistic director-R. Evers) , Organ music (artistic director-L. Digrys) will remain the same but in addition the festival is keen to offer its audience new and spectacular encounters with the world renowned performers.

Much attention will be devoted to individual projects, two of which are world premieres: the mythological epic ‘Neoforas‘ designed to mark the day of St Christopher (Kristupas), the patron saint of the City of Vilnius, and the four color performance oratorio ‘Machunas ‘ which will close the festival. ‘Machunas‘is a sensational project which will attempt to revive the movement of Fluxus in Vilnius. The oratorio (idea by Lucio Pozzi, music by F.J.Oteri) will give credit to George Machiunas, an artist of Lithuanian extraction, who launched Fluxus, the last movement of artistic avant-garde which is considered to have exerted considerable influence on the development of art. The plot of ‘Machunas‘centres on the life and death of George Machiunas, an architect, artist, and public figure His name is misspelt on purpose, both due to phonetic considerations and the desire to separate this story from an accurate description of his life.

The other premiere, the mythological rock epic ‘Neoforas‘ will introduce both the citizens and guests of Vilnius to the life story of St Christopher which will receive different interpretations in the light of Catholic and Orthodox approaches. So the first thing to intrigue the listeners will be the story. Other highlights of the festival include a cycle offered by the popular St Christopher Chamber Orchestra which will perform with eminent soloists; the festival will also host the Hong Kong Sinfonietta (first appearance in Lithuania) as well as Brandenburg Youth and Fan Faren Orchestras. A number of celebrated musicians such as Jean Ferrandis, Dominique de Williencourt, Robert Aitken, Verena Rein, Reinbert Evers, Eduardo Fernandes, Shin-ichi Fukuda, Elena Papandreou and others will give concerts within the framework of the festival. New and original projects and top level concerts of the International Kristupas Summer Festival will not only lend variety and colour to the summers of Vilnius but also testify to the fact that in 2009 Vilnius will be ready to serve as the Cultural Capital of Europe.

Information about the Contemporary Art Center, Vilnius Lithuania:
The Contemporary Art Centre (CAC) is the largest venue for contemporary art in the Baltic states. The CAC presents the newest international tendencies in art. It also organizes retrospective exhibitions of artists from Lithuania and abroad. The CAC events attract some 100 thousand visitors every year. Most CAC projects are documented in special publications.
The CAC is a popular meeting place in Vilnius.
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Information about the St. Christopher Chamber Orchestra:
Founded in 1994 through the initiative of Donatas Katkus, the St. Christopher Chamber Orchestra of the Vilnius municipality was previously known as the Vilnius Chamber Orchestra. In 1995, it was named after St. Christopher, the patron of the city of Vilnius. In 1998, it was granted the status of a municipality ensemble. During it‘s ten years of existence, the orchestra has gained national and international recognition; it has made successful appearances in all the major festivals and musical events of Lithuania as well as touring abroad extensively.
The ensemble has performed at a number of festivals: Wratislavia Cantats (Poland), Tubin festival (Finland), Pärnu festival (Estonia), Europamusicale, Europäisches Musikfest Münsterland, Kaskados, Mystic und Maschine, Berlin Jazz, Hermann Hesse festivals (Germany) and Quimper, Berlioz festivals (France) and has toured in France, Spain, Sweden, Russia, Finland, Germany and many other countries.
A number of outstanding soloists have appeared with the St. Christopher Chamber Orchestra: violinists R. Mataityt, J. Israelievitch, M. Shmit, A. Barachovsky; flutists J. Ferrandis, B. Boid, R. Aitken, C. Hustedt, M. Petri, cellists D. de Williencourt and M. Kliegel, the marimba player L. Maxey as well as piano players C. Sageman, T. Honma, P. Geniu_as, J. K. Broja among others.
The orchestra appears at up to 80 concerts and prepares about 15 new programs a year.
The St. Christopher Chamber Orchestra is distinguished by a unique stylistic pluralism. The ensemble is often labeled as a “baroque orchestra“, it has also earned a reputation of as reviver of old scores. Musicologists believe that in its drive to acquire a diversified experience, the St. Christopher Chamber Orchestra has become an inspiration for contemporary Lithuania composers‘ ideas“. To this day it‘s repertoire features compositions by over thirty Lithuanian composers, ranging from the old music to the works by current students of the Lithuania Academy of Music. The orchestra has played almost all F. Bajoras‘, B. Kutavicius‘, O. Balakauskas‘ music for strings. No less attention is given to contemporary music written by foreign composers. The orchestra performs compositions of P. Vasks, E.- S. Tüür, J. Mc Cabe, Shin, A. Ruoff and R. Sierra among others.
One of the most sensational recent performances was the project in the Trakai Sand Pit, which involved the orchestra playing on a sand “stage“ along with tractors and steam shovels under the baton of Donatas Katkus.

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